Wednesday, 14 December 2011


I try to post to my blog regularly, its a useful tool to stop and think once a week - what do I want to say?
I've been very busy lately, so found myself here again, without an outtake, shoot update, etc that was ready to post. How did I get to be here, what brought me to this day where I'm so busy doing what I love, being a photographer. And I remembered the first time I saw a piece of art that really affected me, made me feel different, think differently, and so setting me on the path to here today.
It was a Rothko, part of the main collection of the Tate (britain) I must have been about 15 on art trip to London with school. I walked into this small corner room, and was confronted with a massive Rothko. I was a little dumbstruck, and spent about half an hour staring at the huge flat canvas, alternating between thinking of absolutely nothing absorbed in the painting, and wondering how on earth something so seemingly simple could have such a powerful and profound effect on me. Here it is.